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Dora Gudmundsdottir

Directorate of Health, Iceland

Dora Gudmundsdottir is Director of Determinants of Health and Wellbeing at the Directorate of Health in Iceland. She is a governmental expert on mental health and National Focal point for Iceland in the EU Health Programme. Dora is trained clinical and organisational psychologist and holds a PhD in public health (epidemiology of wellbeing). Her research interests focus on the epidemiology on happiness, mental wellbeing and flourishing as well as studying the impact of the economic crises on happiness and mental wellbeing in Iceland. Her current research projects focus on evaluating wellbeing programmes in schools and primary health care. She is affiliated with the Wellbeing institute, Cambridge University, Director of Graduate Diploma programme on Positive Psychology at the University of Iceland, and the current president of the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP)

Dora is very interested in finding effective ways for individuals, institutions and societies to flourish. She has a special interest in enhancing evidence based knowledge in policy making and interventions. At the Directorate of Health in Iceland she leads the work on health promoting communities, health promoting workplaces and health promoting schools. Dora´s passion lies in translating the results obtained from quality research into everyday language so it can be easily accessed by the general public. In order to do so, Dora has for example written a number of articles for newspapers and magazines in Iceland. She is the author of a book on Wellbeing and Success in Icelandic and one of many authors of The World Book of Happiness ( She is also an author of a chapter in the book Positive Psychology for Social Change. Dora has been an invited speaker at several conferences all over the world for example at the World Health Organisation´s conference on Health in All Policies, the European Conference on Positive Psychology and the first African Positive Psychology Conference.


Dora Gudmundsdottir is the president of the European Network for Positive Psychology (, a former board member and a founding member of International Alliance for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Schools (, founding member of CAPP (Centre of Applied Positive Psychology), and IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association).