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Maximizing your speaking abilities and giving successful presentations

DATE: Sunday, July 21st 2019

TIME: 1.30 PM - 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre | Meeting Room 211

Future Proofing through CIQ and VI Formula

Communication Intelligence quotient (CIQ) is a key success skill to future proof any practice or business. The best strategy to acquire this skill is the development of Communication Intelligence as “a practice or habit” that requires daily mindful, intentional effort and scheduled priority. To differentiate ourselves, we must maximize our human skill of communication.  Learn the science of verbal and non-verbal communication, proven methodology and "formula" on how to advocate with persuasion using the power frequency of words and apply practical methods that will bolster your ability to speak with impact for personal success.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to define and develop your signature Vocal Image (VI)

  • How your VI can control the neurochemistry of the audience and propel your ability to communicate, connect and develop trust with your audience

  • How to adapt your communication based on an assessment of personalities or audience composition

  • A primer on how neuroplasticity can impact learning capacity of communication skills

  • How physiological responses to nervousness can be controlled through self-awareness, grit, growth mindset and science based Communication Intelligence strategies.

Workshop Leader

Su Bridgman   SpeakFluence Global, Canada & UAE

Su Bridgman
SpeakFluence Global, Canada & UAE

Su Bridgman, LLB, is a Canadian trained lawyer with a background in Psychology who empowers leaders to SpeakFluence – to Speak with Influence and Lead with Impact. Su is the principal for establishing a reputed presence as a global leader in the delivery of 21st century success skills. Her science based Communication Intelligence TM programs integrate positive psychology principles, methodology and practice. She partners with international clients to deliver bespoke programs in both corporate and educational settings. Selected by Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes Media, to be a featured authority on the topic of Communication Intelligence, Su is disrupting the traditional belief that one’s fear of speaking in social situations is fixed state or diagnosed syndrome. Through her proven formula, clients are empowered to master persuasion prowess and share the brilliance of their mind while concurrently controlling nervous physiology and internalizing Communication GritTM and a Communication Growth Mindset. As the MENA regional representative of the Education Division of the International Positive Psychology Association(IPPA) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Young Presidents’ Organization, she is committed to developing future readying programs to empower leaders for success the 4th industrial revolution. As the Director of Educational Outreach of Educate Girls Globally (San Francisco) she assists under privileged young girls to find their voice, obtain access to education, and become future leaders through the development of girls’ parliaments.