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Nicola Lipscombe

Nicola Lipscombe is a National speaker, presenter and storyteller who bridges science and spirit, engaging the heads and hearts of her audiences.

Fluidly switching between private, corporate and government sectors, she specialises in personal leadership, powerful listening and resilience models that integrate mind-based and heart-based strategies.

She draws you in and has been repeatedly described as knowledgeable, brilliant, engaging, uplifting, and genuine. 

She’s a self-confessed book nerd, Tree Sister, lover of street art and heart-to-heart hugs.

She holds a stamp collection of degrees including Pharmacy, Business, Higher Education, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology.

The Creator of Unplug & Hug, Nicola is on a quest …. To inspire and awaken a global tribe of heart-centred people to lead more conscious, connected and heartFULL lives.

Her quest continues …

Come and join her and experience the power of disconnecting from devices and reconnecting with yourself and others with this unique Unplug & Hug event at IPPA 2019.