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Positive Education Tour 2

DATE: Thursday, July 18th 2019

TIME: 8.30 AM - 4:00 PM

FORMAT:  Interactive workshop touring Geelong Grammar School, the pioneering school of Positive Education

LOCATION & TRAVEL TIME: This tour is located at Geelong Grammar School’s iconic Corio campus in Geelong.  The campus is 62 kms from Melbourne and will take under an hour each way on the tour bus.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: For all those interested in seeing first-hand how positive psychology has been successfully implemented and sustained in one of the world’s leading schools.

In 2018, Geelong Grammar School (GGS) celebrated the tenth year of its successful implementation and embedding of Positive Education, and the fifth year of operation of its Institute of Positive Education.

This Positive Education tour is your opportunity to experience a day at Geelong Grammar School and gain a personal insight into the School’s journey in placing wellbeing at the heart of education. 

About the tour day

Delegates will:

  • participate in discussions with GGS school leaders, teachers, students and parents;

  • hear about discoveries from GGS’s investment and commitment to independent research;

  • reflect on GGS’s ‘Learn, Live, Teach and Embed’ model and be introduced to the Institute’s Positive Education Roadmap tool;

  • be presented with a wide range of best-practice examples from schools around the world implementing Positive Education;

  • gain insight into key learnings from the development of a comprehensive explicit Positive Education curriculum, consisting of more than 400 developmentally sequenced lessons;

  • have a guided tour of the campus, visit a Boarding House, see the Wellbeing Centre in action and have lunch in the School’s historical dining hall;

  • visit the Institute of Positive Education office, meet team members and learn about the mission and impact of the Institute’s work.


  1. To visit Geelong Grammar School and learn from ten years of experience applying positive psychology in an educational setting; hearing directly from the School’s leaders, teachers, students and parents.

  2. To understand how Geelong Grammar School successfully applies and sustains their Learn, Live, Teach and Embed model of Positive Education and the research which supports this work.

  3. To learn from the experiences of the Institute of Positive Education who, over the last five years, have trained and consulted with a wide-range of schools both nationally and internationally.

Tour Leaders

Rebecca Cody  Principal, Geelong Grammar School

Rebecca Cody
Principal, Geelong Grammar School

As a Principal, Rebecca Cody frames her responsibilities in terms of Chief Educator, Learner, Strategist, Coach and Ambassador. Across two decades she has taught and led schools in Tasmania, Western Australia, New Zealand and Victoria.

In 2012 Rebecca received a WA Business News 40-under-40 award for her change management at Methodist Ladies’ College, Claremont, and was the University of Western Australia's Strategic Alliance winner. Commencing in 2018, Rebecca is the first woman and first Australian-born to be offered the privilege of leading the iconic Geelong Grammar School.

As an alumna and Moderator of the Cranlana programme, Rebecca relishes every opportunity to contemplate moral agency through the ancients’ wisdom. She keeps fit by chasing her two children around the house in search of cuddles. The cuddles, Japanese green tea and literary classics are her favourite indulgences.

Justin Robinson  Director, Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School

Justin Robinson
Director, Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School

Justin Robinson, M.Ed. MACE, is the inaugural Director of the Institute of Positive Education, based at Geelong Grammar School. He leads a team dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Positive Education through research and providing training for other educators. As a passionate leader in the field of student and staff wellbeing, Justin has been invited to write for a number of publications and speak at conferences both in Australia and around the world. His appointment at the Institute follows a successful career as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher and school leader at both Geelong Grammar School and Trinity Grammar School. Justin is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education, and was listed in The Educator’s 2017 ‘Top 50’ Hot List.