Ryan Niemiec

VIA Institute, USA

Dr Ryan M. Niemiec is a leading figure in the education, research, and practice of character strengths that are found in all human beings. Ryan is author of 3 new books:

Ryan’s primary role is education director of the VIA Institute on Character, a global, non-profit organization in Cincinnati that advances the science and practice of character strengths. 

  • Award-winning psychologist, annual instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and adjunct professor at Xavier University.

  • Fellow of the International Positive Psychology Association.

  • Frequent keynoter and workshop leader with over 500 presentations on positive psychology topics across the globe.

  • Columnist for Psychology Today, reaching over 1 million reads.

  • Scholarly author of over 80 invited/peer-reviewed articles. He’s passionate about the connection between character strengths and mindfulness, spirituality, health, disability, parenting, positive movies, and savoring. 

Personally, Ryan lives with his wife and three young kids who travel the globe together. Ryan is an avid collector of vintage Pez dispensers, a passionate fan of The Walking Dead, only listens to 1990s alternative rock music, and is a zealot for his alma mater, Michigan State University. His highest strengths are hope, love, curiosity, honesty, fairness, and appreciation of beauty.