Shiri Lavy

University of Haifa, Israel

Dr Shiri Lavy is a faculty member at the Department for Leadership and Policy in Education, at the University of Haifa. Her research, positioned within the interpersonal, organizational and educational arenas, is conducted primarily from a positive psychology perspective, and focuses on relationships, character strengths, work meaningfulness and their interplay and contribution to human flourishing. Dr. Lavy's recent studies focus on educators and education organizations, acknowledging their vital role in shaping individuals and societies. Some of the recent findings of her studies point to the general and daily effects of relationships on strengths use and development, and to the interplay between teachers’ work meaningfulness and teacher-student relationships. Dr. Lavy is currently a principal investigator in a few large educational projects, including a national 5-year project aimed to enhance deep learning of 21st century competencies in elementary schools, funded by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Israel Science Foundation.

Dr. Lavy’s work has been published in positive psychology, organizational, and educational journals. She is currently Associate Editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies, is a member of IPPA Education Division Steering Committee, and serves as chair of the first Positive Education Preconference of the division in Budapest in 2018.

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