Svala Siguroardottir.png

Svala Siguroardottir

University of Iceland, Iceland

Dr Svala Siguroardottir is a medical doctor specialising as a family physician in Denmark and a PhD student at the University of Iceland. She has a diploma in positive psychology from the same university, and her main interest is in positive intervention and how physicians and other health care workers can apply positive psychology in their work. Svala is passionate about introducing positive psychology and its application to physicians and has held many lectures for primary care and hospital physicians in Denmark and Iceland. Her research has been on the application of positive interventions for patients in primary care, and in her PhD project she is conducting a randomised clinical trial where she is looking at the effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, added to treatment as usual, for patients in primary care with mild to moderate symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. This project is a cooperation between the University of Iceland and Aarhus University, Denmark, and done with support from the Icelandic Directorate of Health and the Icelandic Primary Care physicians association.

Svala is on the ENPP executive board and has been since 2016.

As invited symposium speaker she will be focusing on positive psychology in the health care system.